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Energy planning also on regional level, please!

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North Sea - Sustainable Energy Planning

In the framework of the European Interreg IVB project „North Sea - Sustainable Energy Planning” an international workshop will be held on the 14. to 15. March. Host is the Jade University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg, Germany, where participants from five countries are expected for the meeting. In the focus of the exchange of experiences between German municipalities and public bodies and the transnational project partners a geo-information-system (GIS) will be highlighted. “For planning a GIS is an excellent tool to indicate and analyse spatial data in the context of renewable energies.“, said Tim Brauckmüller, Managing Director of the atene KOM GmbH. His company is responsible for the coordination of content between the project partners.
Such a GIS enables to blend different infrastructural data and to visualize it. Socio-economic planning processes, the usage of synergies as well as the structural development within the European municipalities and regions – corresponding to the goals of the EU-Agenda 2020.
Brauckmüller: “We need systems, which support decision making processes and may be used efficiently. And not exclusively by a few scientists!“ Therefore inter alia the key factors of a successful implementation of such a GIS will be discussed during the workshop. The results of the case studies, which were developed within this context, could be of great interest for regional decision makers and stakeholders from the sectors of policy, administration and economics.


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