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An amazing photo-book about an amazing destination

Alois Gmeiner managed to translate the beautiful bone art of Kutna Hora, into impressive black and white pictures. Alois Gmeiner managed to translate the beautiful bone art of Kutna Hora, into impressive black and white pictures.

Alois Gmeiner publishes new photo-book about famous bone church in the Czech Republic

The bone church in Kutna Hora, Bohemia, lies 70 kilometres east of Prague and is among the most visited tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. It was granted World Heritage Status by the UNESCO in 1995. But this church is not an ordinary tourist sight and will definitely leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Alois Gmeiner managed to translate this beautiful bone art into impressive black and white pictures. More detailed infos about this new photo book and the author can be found on http://www.ideenmanufaktur.info/diebuecher.html

In 1870, the woodcarver Frantisek Rint was asked to decorate the interior of the All Saints chapel which housed the remains of 40.000 people.The bones are dating back to times of the Black Death and the Hussite Wars in the 15th century. Rint showed the transience of life in an impressive way by turning 10.000 skeleton bones into real masterpieces. Shocking for some but very artistic on the other hand, the craftsman created an eight-arm chandelier, garlands of skull and bones as well as a coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg Family who acquired the church.

The Austrian Alois Gmeiner, author and photograph of this new photo-book has been in advertising for the past twenty years and works as a freelancer in PR consulting. The lateral thinker is also a passionate photographer and has published over twenty books and photo-books so far. On his website http://ideenmanufaktur.info you can find more photo-books and also specialist literature by him and other authors covering subjects from art to advertising. The bone chapel Kutna Hora /Mysterious destinations is available as paperback or e-book.
Available as Paperback an Kindle-Book: http://www.ideenmanufaktur.info/diebuecher.html


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