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Free Pre-Registrations of Uk-Domains at Second Level

Uk-Domains at 2nd Level will be more memorable - a great advantage for marketing Uk-Domains at 2nd Level will be more memorable - a great advantage for marketing

The registry of uk-domains will introduce soon direct uk-domains at the 2nd Level.

You can register uk-domains only at the third level. Example: com-domains.org.uk. Nominet will introduce registrations at the second level after a consultation phase. Example: business.uk.

Nominet believes that a new second level domains policy is necessary to keep the namespace competitive alongside the introduction of over 1,000 new top level domains from 2014.

Nominet says:"Combining a shorter suffix with the trust of the ‘.uk’ brand would offer a wider choice for existing .uk registrants and the millions of consumers and businesses who do not yet have their own online space."

Nominet will use the "grandfathering"-method for protecting the rights of existing uk-Domains owners:
The second level domain at .uk will be shorter -and therefore more memorable. This is a great advantage for marketing of the .uk website and the content at this uk-domain.

Owner of a co.uk, .org.uk, ltd.uk, plc.uk or me.uk-domain have the first right to register the same name at .uk. In the case of two competing names, the oldest current, continuous registration would be given priority.

As we do not know, if owners of third level uk-domains will use the right to register the aquivalent second level domains, it makes sense to register today good names at e.g. .me.uk .

Hans-Peter Oswald
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