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Berlin-Domains: "I'm a Berliner!"

The citizen of any Berlin is eligible to register Berlin-Domains

Not only the capital of Germany is called Berlin. Many cities in the world are named Berlin. All inhabitants of towns named Berlin might be interested in registering Berlin-Domains.

"I am a Berliner" is a quotation from a speech made in the year 1963 by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in the Western part of the then devided Berlin. If you are a citizen of one of the Berlins below in US or elsewhere, you could also proudly say:" I am a Berliner".

* Berlin, California, the former name of Genevra, California
* Berlin, Connecticut
o Berlin (Amtrak station), rail station in Berlin, Connecticut
* Berlin, Georgia
* Berlin, Illinois
* Berlin, Indiana, extinct town
* Berlin, Kentucky
* Berlin, Maryland
* Berlin, Massachusetts
* Berlin, Michigan (disambiguation)
* Berlin, Nevada, a ghost town
* Berlin, New Hampshire
* Berlin, New Jersey
* Berlin, New York
o Berlin, former name of Dunton (LIRR station), New York
* Berlin, North Dakota
* Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio
* Berlin, Williams County, Ohio
* Berlin, Pennsylvania
* Berlin, Tennessee, unincorporated town
* Berlin, Vermont
* Berlin, West Virginia
* Berlin, Wisconsin, a city
* Berlin, Green Lake County, Wisconsin, a town
* Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin, a town
* Berlin Heights, Ohio
* Berlin Township (disambiguation)
* Berlin (South Side Railroad of Long Island station) at Van Wyck Avenue, named Berlin in 1871, leased by the LIRR May 1876 - June 1876
* Berlin (LIRR Atlantic Branch station) at 130th Street, open from 1870 to 1878, see Atlantic Branch
* Berlin Junction (LIRR station), opened in 1878 for Brighton Beach trains, see Atlantic Branch
* Berlin, Eastern Cape, in South Africa
* Berlin (Seedorf), civil parish in Germany
* Mount Berlin, a mountain in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
* Berlin, former name of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (see Berlin to Kitchener name change)
* Berlín, a municipality in El Salvador

Do you know, that the capital of Germany, Berlin, will get with the support of ICANN a new domain called .berlin? And do you know, that you are eligible to register at the new .berlin domain? A special website in English will help you, if you are interested to do so:

Hans-Peter Oswald

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