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Arrangement-Partner.com is online – a dating site with extras!

The new, innovtive "Sugarlove" website Arrangement-Partner was launched.

The Dating Website Arrangement-Partner was launched. Registration is free, no subscription traps, a unique tagging system and new options for sharing photos are available. Those are just a couple of points why Arrangement-Partner stands out comparing to other dating sites.
On Arrangement-Partner.com the user does not need to bind to a site for months. Instead of a subscription and a fixed contract period, on Arrangement-Partner members use coins and thus only pay for the functions that are really used. This kind of payment system was especially developed for the user's need.
The free and anonymous application allows the user to decide what data they want to reveal. Arrangement partner also guarantees a safe and discreet handling of sensitive data, they are neither passed on to third parties nor published.
Moreover Arrangement-Partner offers the innovative feature of marking other users with individual tags. Furthermore, the user has the possibility of creating lists with various headlines for possible flirt partners and certain purposes. This simplifies the overview on the site. Daters have the option to present private pictures only to selected people for a specified period.
Arrangement Partner is a dating site for attractive singles looking for an interesting flirt with benefits.



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