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All About Yachting - The International Yachting Magazine

The online-based special interest premium magazine about the yachting sport and the yachting scene is now integrated into the portfolio of the publishing house bailaho [bai:laa:hoo].

Alexander Schwandt, founder and visionary manager of All About Yachting is happy about, that his magazine is now published by the company of his wife, which is at home in the world wide web. The company also presents one of the most important business directories in Europe as well as a wide range of different special interest premium magazines online and in printed issues.

All About Yachting was launched in 2008 and the last five years the webzine was an absolutely non-profit project. Beginning from 2014 marketing activities shell be offered to clients.

All About Yachting is available in the six international languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The design and the structure is created and concepted by Alexander Schwandt, residented in Baden-Baden / Germany. Born in the Suebian capitol Stuttgart and grown up in a Suebian smalltown he visited an old-linguistical and philosophical Gymnasium. After school he lived also abroad in Monaco - Monte Carlo, Prague, Switzerland and Belgium. Schwandt writes and corrects essays in Wikipedia. Moderator of different business groups on XING. Passionate Yachtie and What-if-Thinker. Member of different yachting clubs in the world. Member of the sea ray owners club Europe. Founder of different companies all over the world. Special knowledges about Persian handknotted carpets.


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